Live. Love. Laugh.

Anonymous said: Would it help if I told you my body resembles Channing Tatum?

Nope. I prefer old and chubby.

Anonymous said: I don't think it's weird that I like animals licking my naked body. Maybe one day I can replace my cat with you... If you like butter, and naked bodies.

I don’t like butter, or your naked body. Or any naked body for that matter.

Anonymous said: I anxiously await your reply.

i like pie.

Anonymous said: I eagerly await your response. But keep in mind... I can, and will wait.

i cant wait for love to die.

Anonymous said: I do wish I don't scare you off with my messages... But I do want you to know I can wait, just ask my mother! Hell, I waited an extra 5 weeks in my mothers womb. She wanted to make sure I was good and ready for the world, and to meet a sweet dame like you. The doctors actually found scratch marks inside her uterus.. I tried to get myself out!! But we both knew I wasn't ready. Kalli I would like to take your hand and live the life we both deserve. I believe we are ready. Sincerely, Your Love

Maybs you should find someone else to propose your love too? yes.

Anonymous said: Sometimes when I'm home alone... I strip off all my clothes and spread butter all over my body, then I let my cat lick it off, its very soothing. Is that a bad thing?

the deff a bad thing. go get yourself checked out….

Anonymous said: Happy new yet my sweets.

poop on your ass.

Anonymous said: I think you're delicious.

i feel the same way about myself.

Anonymous said: I'm going to rape you.

please don’t

Anonymous said: Hey buddy... Lets talk.

How about, no.

hadessahrynning said: Did you have a good new year, my flower?

Yes I did Mr. Smith.(;

Anonymous said: Don't be rude. I just find you attractive and provocative.

i dont.

#equestrian #vaulting #balance #strength #girls #doubles #dance #and #gymnastics #horse #competitions #random #fun #teamwork

#equestrian #vaulting #balance #strength #girls #doubles #dance #and #gymnastics #horse #competitions #random #fun #teamwork

Anonymous said: hhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy sex face.

Heyyyyyy. Fuck you…

Anonymous said: you wanna hook up baby???

What the hell….